Automatic Grant Permission to Make LanguageChange Work on Android 4.2+ (For Windows Only)

First: Install  LanguageChange from Google Play First

What you need

  • Computer (Windows Only)
  • Usb cable
  • Connect you Phone to Computer(PC) (Windows Only)


Step 1. Enabling ADB Debugging (Must do)

Tutorial – (Open Developer Options and open USB debugging on Android 4.2+)


Step 2. Dwonload ADB Automatic Tools:(Grant Permission Automatic)

For Windows Computer:

  • Unzip the
  • Open the language-adb-windows-automatic Folder Double click the GrantPermission.bat to Run

After steps above, You will get a result successful or failed.

  • Succesful !!!

Grant permission Succesful

    Grant permission Succesful
  • Failed !!! (1. You need connect you phone to Computer 2. Open USB Debugging in Step 1)

Grant permission Failed

    Grant permission Failed



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