MoreLangs for Android – Locale Language Setting and Set Locale Language

Install our app MoreLangs_v6.5.0 first


Support Android 7.0 Language code + Region code + Script code + Variant code

Very simple and easy way to change locale and language for your android devices.
Program preset many locales and languages, so you can easily use.
If you can’t find the language or locale you want, don’t worry you can add any locale and language in this application.

This application is a very useful tool for Android developers and testers, When they do multiple-language development and testing can improve efficiency.

Key Features:
– Support Android L Material Design UI
– Preset many locales and languages
– Add any locale and language
– Sort Locales and Languages
– Tag commonly used language
– Help to get root

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****************** NOTICE ****************
After 4.2 Jelly Bean, The protection level definition of CHANGE_CONFIGURATION has been changed.
If your device is newer than android 4.2, If your need to read ‘Help’ from this app , It will tell you how to let this app work fine.
****************** NOTICE ****************

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