MoreLangs V6.0.0 Released (Major Update)

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V 6.0.0

Added Features:

– Fixed MoreLangs’s Display Language

– New Page to Find language and language code
– New Page to Find country and country code
– New Help Page and Blog Posts for Android 4.2+
– New User Guide Blog Post
– Add A New Sort Mode and Change sort by Country code DESC to ASC
– Support RTL layout
– Add Kurdî کوردی
– Reduce App Size to 2.4MB
– Remove Write WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE Permission
– Highlight the searched words
– Support submit language to us, we will add it into MoreLangs as preset language
– Bugs fixed

App Descriptions

Easy and fast way to switch your device’s language to any language in the world.
MoreLangs contains almost preset all languages in the world, so you can easily to use.
<b>If you can’t find the language from you system’s language setting, you can use MoreLangs to enable the locale language you want.</b>
<b>Very useful tool for Android developers and testers, When they do Multilingual development and Localization testing can improve efficiency.
Pick some languages add to Starred Language list, switch language to test your developing app.</b>
If you can’t find the locale language you want, don’t worry you can add any locale language in the world.
<b>Key features:</b>
– Preset 550+ locale languages.
– Select some frequently used language add to Starred Language list
– Custom locale (Add or enable any locale and language in the world)
– Quick find language and language code
– Quick find country and country code
– Search locale and Search language( by language code like “EN” ,by locale code like “US” ,by locale and language like “ENUS” or “EN_US”,or by label name ”English”)
– Sort locale language(by language code,by locale code, by recently used)
– Complete help tutorials and User guide
– Fixed MoreLangs’s Display Language
– Support RTL layout
– Newest UI design
– Theme(Light/Dark)
Very simple and fast way to set locale language or switch language.
If you have any question ,please don’t just give bad reviews(1 star).
Welcome to contact us : [email protected] or

App Released History

V 5.5.0

– Remove recommend app
– Improve search feature( support language code like “EN_US” or “ENUS”)
– Improve help page
– Add user guide video
– Fix storage bugs for Android 6.0 Marshmallow
– UI and features redesign.(Distinguish list and sort mode,List: All Languages, Licked list,Added list. Sort mode: by language code,by country code, by recently used)
– Add 400+ locale languages.(total more than 550,almost contains all the common languages of the world)
– Remove full screen ads
– Add setting pages.(more features will coming)
– Friendlier help page, and complete tutorials article posted on our blog
– Rebuild the add language feature.(more friendly,easier,and you can add language like “ha_Latn_NE” just input”ha_Latn” and “NE” to language code and country code)
– Hide the Add button to menu.(550+ local language preset do mot often used this)
– Fix spinner show error bugs
– Fix search bugs(search languages and click it to switch,list display error)

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