Manual Input ADB Command to make MoreLangs Work on Android 4.2+ No ROOTed Devices

First: Install our app MoreLangs_v6.5.0


What you need

  • Computer
  • Usb cable
  • Connect your device to the computer

Step 1. Enabling adb Debugging (Must do)

Tutorial – (Open Developer Options and open USB debugging on Android 4.2+)


Step 2. Dwonload ADB Tools:

Download the ADB Tools and Extract it.(After extracted you will find folder adb-tools)
(Video Tutorial for step 2 & 3 available Now:



Open a command line(Linux or Mac called Terminals, Windows called “cmd.exe”
Use command cd into “adb-tools” folder downloaded above.(command like below, replace YouPath to your file path)

cd /YouPath/adb-tools

Step 3. Grant Permission

Grant Permission
  • Input the Command Below and press “Enter” key:
adb shell pm grant android.permission.CHANGE_CONFIGURATION


If you get “error: no devices found“, that is mean you phone has not open the ADB debugging, Please Read Step 1 or Read Tutorial – Open Developer Options and open USB debugging on Android 4.2+

At last

You can click list item of MoreLangs app to change language .

24 responses on “Manual Input ADB Command to make MoreLangs Work on Android 4.2+ No ROOTed Devices

  1. sam

    hi i did the manual way its working fine..but when i try to open phone app its crashing only after i change the language to english again its working fine..please help android version 5.1.1

  2. Saki

    Best solution for android succesful patch adb install, but still cant change the language and unauthroized manual adb installation.

    It’s likely that the device is no longer authorized on ADB for whatever reason.

    1. Check if authorized:

    2. Revoke USB Debugging on phone

    If the device is shown as unauthorized, go to the developer options on the phone and click “Revoke USB debugging authorization” (tested with JellyBean, Samsung GalaxyIII & Grand prime).
    after revoke, switch off developer option and ON again and enable debuging again then.

    3. Restart ADB Server:

    enter cmd > cd youradbpath (enter)
    then command
    adb kill-server
    adb start-server

    4. Reconnect the device

    The device will ask if you are agree to connect the computer id. You need to confirm it.

    5. Now just re-enter the manual command prompt and install automatic-adb too make sure patch succes

    note : better just off your wifi and internet on your android

  3. Sultan

    Im having an issue with this, i get “-bash: adb: command not found” after accessing the tool?
    tried to revoke USB and do it all over again couple of times but still same error?

    please help me out

    Android 4.4.4
    using a mac

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  5. Yusuf abdul

    Bad argument; java.lang.illegalAargument exception: Unknown permission: andriod.ppermission.CHANGE_CONFIGURATION

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