MoreLangs version 5.5.0 updated to Google Play Store

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Complete tutorial to make MoreLangs Work:

V 5.5.0
– Remove recommend app
– Improve search feature( support language code like “EN_US” or “ENUS”)
– Improve help page
– Add guide video

MoreLangs User Guide

Open Developer Options and open USB debugging on Android 4 2+

Use ADB Command to make MoreLangs

About MoreLangs:

Very simple and easy way to set locale language or switch language.
MoreLangs contains almost all the languages of the world, so you can easily use.
If you can’t set the language you want from you system’s language setting, you can use MoreLangs to enable the locale language.
Also a very useful tool for Android developers and testers, When they do Multilingual development and Localization testing can improve efficiency.
Pick some languages add to liked list, switch language to test your developing app.
Key features:
– Preset 550+ locales and languages.
– Select some frequently used language add to liked list
– Search locale and Search language( by language code like “EN” ,by locale code like “US” ,by locale and language like “ENUS” or “EN_US”,or by label name ”English”)
– Sort locale language(by language code,by locale code, by recently used)
– Complete help tutorials
– Custom locale (Add or enable any locale and language in the world)
– Newest UI design
– Theme(Light/Dark)
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  1. Nguyễn Vân Anh

    Very cool and bring many benefits to the user. play store latest version Really is a market peak current application.

  2. nguyen minh nam

    như nào vậy bạn ơi chỉ mình sử dụng với….?

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