MoreLangs – Help to translate!

Install our app MoreLangs_v6.5.0 first

Do you want to help us translate MoreLangs to your language(The language has not been translated)?


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if you want to Help Translate:

Step 1 : View “Existing translation” list below, Determine whether the language you want to translate already exists. If not do Step 2.

Step 2 :  Please download the english version language files( unzip the file you will find string.txt and appinfo.txt

Step 3 : Translate to your language.(string.txt : Translate the words or sentence in <string></string>)

Stpe 4 : Send to us [email protected]


Existing translation:

  • English,
  • Chinese traditional,
  • Chinese Simplified

20 responses on “MoreLangs – Help to translate!

  1. Hasan

    I want a Farsi language for Samsung galaxy c5 pro

  2. Đặng linh

    Sao khong cài dat dk

  3. Quang

    Tiếng việt

  4. Rosa Grisbelis Cuevas

    No me funciona 😭😭😭

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